When The Kim and I decided that we were definitely going to build, we met with Steve and after a fair amount of chatting about our favorite architects like: John Lautner, Bart Prince, Richard Neutra, Ken Kellogg and Frank Lloyd Wright, and because we wanted a house that was in the spirit of this architecture, we all agreed that we would take our time with the design.

Taking this approach, Steve was able to bring The Kim and me into the creative process and we watched as our house grew from the humble beginnings of this first rough sketch (done by Steve in December of 2004) to the brilliant plans and elevations seen below (completed in October of 2005).

Notice in the initial sketch how Steve let the natural contour lines of the land dictate the shape and position of the home. I remember The Kim’s reaction when she first saw the design, she said, “it looks as though it grew right out of the hillside.”

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Site Plan

Street Level Plan

Main Level Plan - Phase 1

Main Level Plan - Phase 2

Lower Level Plan

East & South Elevations

West & North Elevations

Section AA & BB

Section CC &DD