after meeting with Steve we knew that he completely understood the kind of architecture we were looking for and while it would have been easier and maybe a little more safe to hand Steve a bunch of magazine clippings and architectural books marked with pages of our favorite houses we wanted him to “knock off”, in the spirit of adventure we instead decided to just hand him a typed list of basic room requirements and let him go wild.


Steve Yett was born in St. Louis, MO. Soon after, his parents moved to Malibu, CA where he spent his early days surfing and exploring visual arts. He graduated from USC in 1987 with a Bachelor of Architecture and went directly into the field, working for various architecture firms, including a well known local Malibu architect. This provided Steve the opportunity to surf and work on his own projects while supervising both organic and modern architecture projects in the area. Steve has been a licensed architect since 1995, and now has his own business in Malibu.

He served as Vice President, Trust For Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Ennis House) from 2000 to 2005. His current body of work is focused on organic architecture, where he works to create unique dwellings that blend smoothly with the coastal environment and provide elements of beauty and creativity for their owners.

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To listen to a recent interview with Steve on NPR please visit: NPR Interview Or here: NPR Article & interview

These photos were taken on November 21st, 2004…the day we officially became Steve’s clients and started the Burns residence! Not only did The Kim and I find and architect that day but we also found a friend. Steve is truly a creative individual in his field with unique vision and originality. It has been our pleasure to work with someone so talented.

Thanks Steve!

The Kim & Steve

Mike & Steve