Last week Steve Yett and I took a trip out to Ventura and submitted our Coastal Development Application to the California Coastal Commission. The package we submitted contains all the permissions and approvals we’ve obtained thus far in our journey to build the Burns residence.

I anticipate this to be a very smooth process due to the fact that Steve and I consulted with the Coastal Commission early in the stages of design. For this consultation we brought detailed site photographs so we could talk about the house design and weed out any potential cautionary areas before we got too far along.

One part of the early design that could have been questionable was a second story guest unit. The original idea was that it would be positioned on top of the garage. After speaking with the Coastal Commission, it was decided that putting the guest unit under the garage would be the better option. Along with the guest unit, there were a few other small considerations we took in after that initial consultation.

** Tip: If you are building in the Coastal Zone I would recommend checking in with the California Coastal Commission as early as possible with your design, as making changes at this stage, both big and small are much easier to deal with and accommodate.

For those interested in reading about the California Coastal Commission: Visit their site.