It seems Steve is finding some innovative uses for this site. Instead of having to mail or drive a bunch of documents around to people or agencies involved with our project, he’s starting to just direct them to…a huge time saver!!

Here is what Steve just emailed me:

I called the County Geologic Reviewer the other day. It was just your usual touch-base, “Hey how are you doing? I’ve got this project coming down the pipe have you changed any of your submission requirements since the last project that I should know about?” conversation….

And she started to tell me that it was all still case-by-case and she would have to see what we were doing kind of thing…. At which point, I had her pull up the, and she was able to look at all of the plans, as well as the extensive collection of site photos. I could tell that she was blown away by the wealth of information at her finger tips. We were able to have an amazingly comprehensive initial conversation, that I wouldn’t have been able to have without mailing her a huge packet of documents…. or driving down to beautiful downtown Alhambra. The only way that things could’ve possibly been better is if we had a pdf of the geotechnical report available on the site. But, given that the area is known for having exceptionally hard volcanics, that wasn’t even really an issue.

I could tell that she was completely blown away. I also could tell that she was enjoying being a part of the new technology. She seemed to be having fun just perusing the site. It reminded me of the time that I cracked open my laptop to show a planchecker a fly-through movie of one of the more complicated hillside room additions that I did that the planchecker was having a hard time visualizing. I think the only way things could’ve been more futuristic would’ve been if we went to work that day in solar-powered hovercrafts and had 0 calorie / 0 carb Dove Bars for lunch.