A bit more progress to report. Steve took our plans down to the Fire Department yesterday and was able to get our Fire Dept. Coastal Commission approval.

This basically states that our plans show we have room for a fire truck to get into our driveway and also have the proper turnaround to get it out. It also states that we have proper access around the house as well.

Along with the Health Dept. approval for the septic system, the Fire Dept. approval was another that we needed before we can submit our whole package to the California Coastal Commission.

Here’s a blurb from an email Steve sent regarding the process:

The Fire Department Plans Examiner ran his planometer around the main residence and determined that we were providing the required 5′ minimum width, 300′ maximum travel distance “Clear To Sky” from the required Fire Department turnaround. He determined that we were in compliance. And he issued the “COASTAL COMMISSION APPROVAL ONLY” for access. We then discussed the items that would be required to receive the Building + Safety Final Approval.

Exciting stuff!