Today was a huge step forward. The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning approved our plans!

Steve Yett and I had originally submitted the plans on 10-20-05. On 11-30-05 we received word back saying that there were a few corrections to be made. The changes were very small and basically had to do with making sure that the guest house had the proper setback from the main house.
Only took about two months…not too bad!

As soon as we get our septic system approval from the Health Dept. (which should be in about two weeks) we can submit our plans in to the California Coastal Commission. Submitting to this agency could prove to be a little more interesting. It is the Coastal Commissions job to regulate development along the state’s 1,150-mile coastline. Let’s see what happens!

Here is a recent LA Times article for your reading enjoyment: Panel Declares Coast Isn’t Clear for ‘Mansionization’