In my experience it's been the unknowns and times that plans have gone awry that have made my life the most insteresting.


Welcome to Major Earth, a site that chronicles our journey to build the Burns residence, a modern, organic home high in the hills of Mailbu, California.

This site is intended to be a resource for anyone interested in organic architecture and for those that have ever wondered about the process of building one's own home. From finding the right piece of land to designing and building our finished home, you are welcome to follow our story. Any questions or comments are always welcome.

This site is also dedicated to all the great people, companines, vendors and manfacturers that have contributed their time, talent and products to make the Burns residence a reality.

Recent progress can be found on our Latest News blog and for an entire overview of what we've been up to so far you are welcome to read our Story: The Burns Residence

Our home was designed by Steve Yett a local Malibu, California architect who creates unique dwellings that blend smoothly into the coastal environment. Steve derived the form of the Burns Residence in part by our mutual admiration for architect, John Lautner and his circular explorations, as well as the unique shape of the building site with its views overlooking the chaparral covered hills, valleys, mountains and ocean beyond. Steve's architectural projects have focused primarily on custom residential work, with particular expertise in building in the coastal zone and hillsides of Malibu.

If our home has piqued your interest and you'd like to see more modern, organic architecture, I've compliled some links of Steve's, The Kim's and my favorite architects as well as other architectural sites.

One of my personal favorites is John Lautner. Check out his Chemosphere House for starters. For more John Lautner go check out Martin Daoust's - John Lautner Resources Page. Martin has managed to compile the worlds greatest collection of John Lautner material...go check it out!

Enjoy the site!
Mike & The Kim Burns

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